Used With Belle's Permission by CLAi, The San Francisco Video Production Company:

Belle, the crazy briard puppy’s Rules to Live By:


1. Everything is better with a nice cup of tea.

2. 9 to 5 is a state of mind (just not one we’ve ever known).

3. Look both ways before you cross the road, but never stop moving forwards.

4. Being way out there doesn’t mean you’re lost.

5. Everybody needs a good video (and a good video producer), but not everybody needs a video.

6. Creative without a reason really isn’t that creative.

7. “Formula One” is a race – never a solution.

8. All that time you spent on the details will never be appreciated, but that’s okay.

9. If daddy buys you a 6k camera, it does not make you a DP or a video producer.

10. We can tell you about our projects, but the NDA says we may have to kill you!

11. Almost everything is better with a nice cup of tea!