I first heard the name Richard Branson when his only claim to fame was being the editor of Student - an alternative free music paper in the UK

We were read a story before bed as children, sometimes two if we begged. As adults we read online news, talk about the day’s big events; we exchange stories with our friends of how we spend our days. We know stories exist, but what exactly is a story? More importantly, how do we tell a good one?

A few weeks ago, a recent film school grad asked me on LinkedIn how he should go about finding work in the film industry. So: here’s an unordered list of ways to go about making your own luck.

The start-up toy company, ThoughtFull Toys, called asking if we could do a Kickstarter video for them. A well established toy inventor and a toy designer had started a new company and wanted to launch their new line of toy cars on Kickstarter in the hopes of gaining financial backing from crowd funding rather than the small number of traditional investors.

Marketing and advertising have moved from broad overviews of information that target the general public to narrow and detailed segments. Inc. Magazine shares 4 tips for addressing your narrow-cast audience.

Ted Schilowitz, one of RED’s big guns, answers 9 RED Epic Questions that he gets asked day in and day out, in a video interview.

Although video marketing has been around for some time, sites like YouTube and Sclipo are helping video marketing reach new customers. Now customers expect to see the same creativity and high quality in an internet video as they would a television commercial.