CLAi the film and video production company in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Specializing in videography, video editing on Premiere Pro and color correction on DaVinci Resolve for corporate videos and documentary films

The Teeny Corporate Video Portfolio

These are a few of my favorite corporate films, marketing programs and brand videos.... I hope you enjoy them!

Over the past 25 years or so myself and CLAi have produced many hundreds, maybe even thousands, of video and film programs that fall into the general area of Corporate Videos.  These have been for companies as diverse as IBM, Boeing and Renault all the way to tiny “one man with an idea” startups needing an excellent Kickstarter crowd funding video to stand out from the rest.

Some, especially those for large scale staged launches, are million dollar collections of 35mm films providing both smoke and mirrors and all the technical details of a new vehicle. Other corporate commissions have been mid-budget brand awareness videos or style videos for established companies re-inventing themselves or marketing films as they roll out a different, potentially sector leading new product line. Many have been simple mini corporate documentary films built around a client testimonial or tongue in cheek comedy marketing videos that integrate a product’s key points (especially ones for the web).

They build on three of our key strengths - our ability to clearly see, fully understand and effectively craft the story that has to be told on your behalf as film or video.

Doing so can be a challenge, but by working closely with our clients we can ensure that we are always on mission and target, while constantly evolving and refining the story from the perspective of the target audience to be certain that the video has the greatest impact.  Building this sort of relationship over many projects also allows us to do our creative thing with the least risk of missing the goal, being late for a deadline or running over budget – crucial concerns for any business.

I find that the using a traditional documentary or narrative film approach is often the key to telling an outstanding B2B or B2C anecdote effectively and entertainingly –  combining the best storytelling with the highly crafted imagery and design integrity forged from my years of experience directing long form commercial films in the London advertising and marketing world and documentaries with the BBC.

We do all of this in a way which puts all of your budget into the production, and not into covering ongoing overheads. CLAi have a company structure very deliberately designed for our corporate work, staying small but able to scale very quickly to include everything and everyone needed on a project, just as they are required. But while we have a small core of people, we own 95% of the equipment necessary to execute almost any project – giving us flexibility on budget and on production timeline.

While most of these corporate videos and films have been produced in their entirety by CLAi...

On some we have been called in to provide just one discipline from our production arsenal – part of our “whatever you need” one stop philosophy. This includes scripting and design, directing, shooting and cinematography, editing, color grading, sound design, animation and mastering. If you click on the image link it will take you to the video and a fuller explanation of all of this good stuff, while the FAQ button on the left gives answers to some basic questions.