CLAi the film and video production company in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Specializing in videography, video editing on Premiere Pro and color correction on DaVinci Resolve for corporate videos and documentary films

The Film & Video Post-Production Company

Post-production, or just post, for film and video is everything that happens after the shoot and core components are completed - usually...

Of course, just to be difficult some post production work is also done on location while a shoot is taking place – this is usually a combination of assembly editing to see where a program is going and meet a tight deadline, and/or color grading the raw footage so that the Director and DP can more tightly control how their images look.  We do take on location editing projects, as well as location color grading and some DIT work – and have a bunch of transportable equipment available to do this work, which tends to be very long and rather uncomfortable, balanced by good food and company and the satisfaction of being able to help fine tune a project at the source.

The main elements of post-production are: