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But even the most creative of ideas is only valid if it helps the clarity and purpose of the film film or video, if it makes it excel. Unfortunately, you really can’t say how amazingly creative you are without becoming someone everyone tries to avoid at a party. This is an area where I need some outside help…

It seems to me that the best way is to let others say what they think about CLAi and the work that we do…

The Mission Promise Neighborhood commissioned CLAi to produce a large number of short commercials to be used for broadcast and web advertising to promote their work in the very mixed ethnicity community they serve. Chris Layhe directed and was DP on the project, with producer Alexandra Conway, and co-director Pedro Delbrey, shot on two RED digital cinema cameras against a green screen, with many of the beautiful murals in the Mission as backdrops. Video editors were Chris Layhe and Alexandra Conway.

…and so here are a few of the most recent film and video production testimonials that we have received from our clients, with a wider selection in the film and video testimonial sections (which even use words like “freaking” – that I could never say to this day, even after being a US citizen for 20 or so years).

If you like what they have to say, then I think that you will like the other sections in this area, so do check out the pages… especially our Rules To Live By, a deep insight into the alleged brain of our franco-hungarian Briard puppy, Belle.

Of course, Belle’s best advice is always to get in touch so we can chat, click on the contact button below or give me a call on 650.-762.-5241.

Hilary Stewart

Not only is he the consummate professional...collaborative, creative, experienced, and a talented owner operator from the camera to the edit bay...he is funny and a joy with whom to work!

Lorraine LoBianco

Although our budget was minuscule, he took on the project as a labor of love and treated us as though we were his high-end clients. He wanted everything to be as good as it could be, and that's exactly what we got. He's a dream to work with. There's no drama with Chris, no attitude. Just a great cup of tea and a warm personality.

Thia Markson

I was looking for an editor for my documentary feature film and found in Chris Layhe more than I knew I needed, wanted or thought possible. Chris was a calm in the storm that is documentary filmmaking, and made this dream project of my lifetime better and more successful than I could ever have imagined.

Jesse Achtenberg

Chris at CLAi is awesome... knows his stuff like a truly experienced pro.

Anna Marie Tefora

Chris and his team from CLAi are very experienced in their craft, true professionals and so easy to work with.