documentary film searching for nepal, and indie film about returning to a simpler time, color grading, finished edit and sound mixing by Chris Layhe and CLAi, film and video production company based in San Francisco , San Jose, and Sunnyvale

Film Testimonials

Film is such an evocative word - like music, it is a resource that sets the clock against which so many of our memories are based.

But, of course, as a production category it encompasses everything from horror shorts to Star Wars epics, documentaries and narratives of all types and sizes, and pieces that are designed to be simple records or highly dynamic alternative realities. In our definition this group also includes Arts pieces of, say, dance recitals to music videos.

For CLAi this is a wonderful creative playground, allowing us to use one or two of our skill sets to their fullest, and be part of a much larger team than we would normally assemble at CLAi.  Of course, for 95% of productions it is also a world where every piece is a project driven by the passion of one or two people, and often fully funded by those same people – so films often become a constant struggle to balance between budget and time versus quality and creativity.  We understand this difficult balance, even though our goal in life isn’t to tell our own stories – just help others tell theirs as well as humanly possible.

So Chris often works solo on these projects as a specialist editor, colorist, DP and/or cinematographer rather than bringing the associates, and is able to work to a brutally reduced hourly or project rate. It’s even better when this can happen at the CLAi studio facility, so he has all of the toys and tools available – in an actual studio environment which doesn’t involve the words “bedroom closet”! This is what some of our film clients have to say about it all…

Hilary Stewart

Not only is he the consummate professional...collaborative, creative, experienced, and a talented owner operator from the camera to the edit bay...he is funny and a joy with whom to work!

Lorraine LoBianco

Although our budget was minuscule, he took on the project as a labor of love and treated us as though we were his high-end clients. He wanted everything to be as good as it could be, and that's exactly what we got. He's a dream to work with. There's no drama with Chris, no attitude. Just a great cup of tea and a warm personality.

Thia Markson

I was looking for an editor for my documentary feature film and found in Chris Layhe more than I knew I needed, wanted or thought possible. Chris was a calm in the storm that is documentary filmmaking, and made this dream project of my lifetime better and more successful than I could ever have imagined.

Cyn Lubow

He is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and one of the most professional people I've worked with in the film industry (or any industry).

John Flores

I highly recommend their services to any filmmaker who seeks not just an editor but an ADVOCATE, someone who will embrace your vision and do everything in their power to see it succeed.

Jim Louderback

What you've done, what you've accomplished, I thought should be recognized.

Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve

Chris’s competence, professionalism, intelligence, and mentoring spirit have made my experience of post-production so enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

Justin Chon

They are the freaking best. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Phil Deutschle

CLAi’s masterful color-grading and sound-sweetening work on our documentary was extraordinary, turning ragged footage into works of art.

Megan Shutzer

Not only is Chris Layhe a talented colorist and sound mixer, but he went above and beyond to explain every decision, solve every problem and produce the best possible outcomes for our film.

Pedro Delbrey

Chris’s deep history and understanding of film and video production, his strong work ethic, and sense of humor make it a pleasure to work with him on any project.

Frank Perez

He is always willing to help out and go the extra mile. Great guy too. We recommend him highly for all your filmmaking needs.