The Bigger Portfolio

This is the Bigger Portfolio - it's nothing like all of our work, but it's a lot bigger than the selection on our opening page!

For a selection of pieces made by type of project please see the other pages in this section, or pick ones here based on some of the production roles that CLAi take…

25+ years in the business of making moving pictures of all sorts means that CLAi, and Chris Layhe personally, have amassed a pretty massive body of work.  We’d love to show all of it to you – the good, the bad and the ugly (okay, maybe just the good or better) but space, changes in technology and the joys of non-disclosure agreements make this impossible. However, if there is something specific that you would like to see it may well be hiding on one of our backup drive arrays, so please do ask.

If you click on the link on the image as you hover over the wee beastie it will take you to the video and a fuller explanation of all of this good stuff.  Running to the bottom of the image selection loads yet more…

Color Grading
Audio Mix
  • Journey Productions , Searching for Nepal 2
    "Searching For Nepal" Clip - A Film By Far Journey Productions YouTube
  • K2C
    “K2C” For The City Of San Francisco YouTube
  • bmw_barnstorm_cinematographer_editor_film_production
    "BMW Barnstorm" A Marketing Film For SVConcepts YouTube
  • "Shriners Hospital For Children, Houston" A Marketing Documentary YouTube
  • visage _pulse_post_production_corporate_video_director_DP_cinematographer_editor_colorist punches
    “Punches" An Extended Commercial For Visage YouTube
  • chickenfoot _three_and_a_half_letters_music_video_colorist_editor_DP_cinematographer
    “Three And A Half Letters” A Music Video For Chickenfoot
  • thoughtfulltoys_scripwriter_director_editor_video_san_jose
    "Modarri" A Kickstarter Video For Thoughtful Toys YouTube
  • Video Shoot in Petaluma
    "Picnic" A Shoot And Edit For Erickson Stock YouTube
  • Music video for Stephen Bigger “Ya Lay Lay”, had an interesting challenge- it was all in Swahili.
    “Ya La Lay!” A Music Video For The Santa Cruz World Choir YouTube
  • chris layhe colorist reel san francisco color correction specialist
    CLAi 4k Color Grading Reel YouTube
  • This is the Music Video called “Open Me” for Feral Fauna produced by CLAi
    Feral Fauna "Open Me" YouTube
  • cisco webex mobile shot by DP Chris Layhe and CLAi
    Cisco WebEx Mobile - A Corporate Video YouTube
  • cisco smart city networks
    Cisco Smart City Networks - A Corporate Video YouTube
  • Atomic Aces music video
    She Devil In Disguise - A Music Video For The Atomic Aces YouTube
  • A man, a tigger suit and a failing quadcopter. What more could you what for a little Indie film?
    "Bad Tigger" a CLAi short film
  • music video Jerry Day
    "Jerry Day" a music video celebrating his 70th birthday
  • DeepFlight
    "Dragon And Super Falcon, Monaco Yacht Show" for DeepFlight
  • Alt Text: the_circle_1-documentary - Jim Louderback
    "The Circle" A Documentary Series On Cancer Survival
  • minds_eye_3_colorist_audio_mix_feature_movie_narrative Desert Sky Pictures
    "Mind's Eye" a film by Desert Sky Pictures
  • morning-stock-library-video-dp-cinematographer-editor-colorist-red-4k Erickson Stock
    "Morning" A Shoot And Edit For Erickson Stock