The Documentary Portfolio

This is a portfolio of some of our favorite Chris Layhe and CLAi video and film documentary projects... I hope you enjoy it!

Most of these pieces have had all of their post-production work done by Chris Layhe and the CLAi associates – editing, color grading, final sound mix and mastering – and many have also been produced and directed by Chris, or/and he has handled the cinematography. But if you click on the link it will take you to the video and a fuller explanation of all of this good stuff.

Color Grading
Audio Mix
  • Journey Productions , Searching for Nepal 2
    "Searching For Nepal" Clip - A Film By Far Journey Productions YouTube
  • K2C
    “K2C” For The City Of San Francisco YouTube
  • bmw_barnstorm_cinematographer_editor_film_production
    "BMW Barnstorm" A Marketing Film For SVConcepts YouTube
  • "Shriners Hospital For Children, Houston" A Marketing Documentary YouTube
  • visage _pulse_post_production_corporate_video_director_DP_cinematographer_editor_colorist punches
    “Punches" An Extended Commercial For Visage YouTube
  • chickenfoot _three_and_a_half_letters_music_video_colorist_editor_DP_cinematographer
    “Three And A Half Letters” A Music Video For Chickenfoot
  • thoughtfulltoys_scripwriter_director_editor_video_san_jose
    "Modarri" A Kickstarter Video For Thoughtful Toys YouTube
  • Video Shoot in Petaluma
    "Picnic" A Shoot And Edit For Erickson Stock YouTube
  • Music video for Stephen Bigger “Ya Lay Lay”, had an interesting challenge- it was all in Swahili.
    “Ya La Lay!” A Music Video For The Santa Cruz World Choir YouTube
  • chris layhe colorist reel san francisco color correction specialist
    CLAi 4k Color Grading Reel YouTube
  • This is the Music Video called “Open Me” for Feral Fauna produced by CLAi
    Feral Fauna "Open Me" YouTube
  • cisco webex mobile shot by DP Chris Layhe and CLAi
    Cisco WebEx Mobile - A Corporate Video YouTube
  • cisco smart city networks
    Cisco Smart City Networks - A Corporate Video YouTube
  • Atomic Aces music video
    She Devil In Disguise - A Music Video For The Atomic Aces YouTube
  • A man, a tigger suit and a failing quadcopter. What more could you what for a little Indie film?
    "Bad Tigger" a CLAi short film
  • music video Jerry Day
    "Jerry Day" a music video celebrating his 70th birthday
  • DeepFlight
    "Dragon And Super Falcon, Monaco Yacht Show" for DeepFlight
  • Alt Text: the_circle_1-documentary - Jim Louderback
    "The Circle" A Documentary Series On Cancer Survival
  • minds_eye_3_colorist_audio_mix_feature_movie_narrative Desert Sky Pictures
    "Mind's Eye" a film by Desert Sky Pictures
  • morning-stock-library-video-dp-cinematographer-editor-colorist-red-4k Erickson Stock
    "Morning" A Shoot And Edit For Erickson Stock