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Thinkings : The Blog

Perhaps Thinkings is a bit fancy for what the San Francisco video production and post-production experts, Chris Layhe and the associates at CLAi, actually put down here. Getting It Off Our Chests would have been more accurate, but it just doesn't sound as intellectual as a film and video blog should be... here are the five or six latest posts for your enjoyment.

It’s More Than The G-Rating

From Disney to Pixar to Dreamworks, these animation studios have set the standard for what “animation” is today. This world of animation they’ve created is a coloring book, where the trees speak and the restrictions of the real world do not apply.

Sitting On The SeeSaw

Over the years I’ve periodically dipped my toe into the waters of discussing the “business” of filmmaking; a topic I am, so far at least, fairly lousy at (at least from the perspective of profit).

Making Innovation An Operation

The film and video industry all too often runs on the fear that every job could be our last.

Learning to Draw Mickey Before You Can Meet The Mouse

Let’s say you want a scene shot in the park. In a live-action film, plenty of public parks are right there waiting for you, complete with trees, benches, and squirrels.

It’s Not Just Beautiful, Why Cinematographers Are Storytellers Too

Many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what is it that makes beauty, in some forms, “all relative”? Most of us can agree that we find beauty in the Grand Canyon, or a sunset by the ocean, but is all beauty purely visual?

Thinking About RED on Helium 8k

Of all the possible reasons, the least likely one right now is that you’re going to show your work in 8K resolution. Options for 8K display are extremely limited.