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Having evolved a great creative solution for your project, and thoroughly tested it for holes, the next step is usually to create a script.

Scriptwriting is one of those disciplines that needs a certain style and an understanding of the audience to speak in tones that resonate – and usually the more experience the writer has the better. So while we may write a script outline to communicate the story development with our client we usually bring in one of a number of writers that we have worked with over the years.

These folk may be local, where face to face meetings are an advantage, or based around the States and Europe, and most have a combination of film, broadcast and corporate work in their portfolios – some also work in the theater or writing articles for magazines and specialist publications… and lately many are bloggers, as they have a naturally conversational tone and are often at the cutting edge of technology.

Our scriptwriters never work by themselves – as they develop a script we to and fro continuously to ensure that it is on track and can be achieved within the budget and time parameters of the project.  Then we involve our clients in the process at several point where we need feedback, so they are not involved in every choice and are able to see the wood for the trees.

The finished script includes content and delivery notes and visual notes – sometimes even a shot by shot description list – so that it is a complete working document to take to the next stage, and can be shared with partners in multiple roles for production notes.