Transparency of RED

After much anticipation of the new RED EPIC-X camera being released this summer, many of us were let down to learn the camera’s introduction will be delayed. The Scarlet camera is also not ready for release. RED estimates both cameras should be ready to go by September – but they aren’t making any promises! Several key components of the EPIC-X are still being tested and altered in Japan and others have not yet made it the US for everything to be put together, finished nicely, and then released. In addition there are still glitches with enabling some of the features the EPIC-X offers; however the experts over at RED assure us that new, cutting edge features are being enabled on a weekly basis – like 300 fps high speed recording.

Jim Jannard explains the nature of the issue from his RED blog: “Engineering cameras that are as complicated and spec-intensive as these is not easy. We have set time targets and missed them. However, we have not missed any spec targets. To the contrary, we have exceeded them. Both EPIC and Scarlet produce images that are much better then we ever anticipated.” So at least that’s good news.

Although the delays are a disappointment to many and an inconvenience to some, we have to hand it to RED for their transparency on the issue. Unlike other major camera companies, they are brutally honest about the issues the EPIC-X camera is experiencing. Rather than leave us in the dark, they cast light on the issue and assure customers that they have their best interests in mind. They acknowledge the inconvenience of the delay to those planning on shooting with the EPIC-X this summer and promise the best product they can offer – in due time. RED vowed to “tell the bad news right along side the good news” and, unlike many other names in the industry, they stick by their word.

We are looking forward to the release of the EPIC-X and the Scarlet and firmly believe both cameras will be worth the wait. Unexpected glitches happen to every company, but it takes an act of bravery and commitment to keep customers informed about set backs and fully aware of what will be coming (perhaps a lesson that Apple could benefit from learning.) We at CLAi applaud RED for their honesty and can’t wait to have our own EPIC-X to play with in the fall, and we are crossing our fingers and toes that it will be glitch free!