CLAi are a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been making innovative and effective videos, films and broadcast tv since we were founded in London in 1984. We pride ourselves on creating consistently outstanding productions – programs that motivate, entertain and drive viewers to action, whatever the project complexity or budget.

Of course, every agency says this, each claims to be the best film and video production company in town. But in reality we are far from being the same: skill, experience, raw creativity, the ability to listen and understand, equipment capability, and the quality of the contract personnel we all rely on varies as enormously as final budgets and client satisfaction.

But CLAi are… well, we are just a little strange – we view the business side of production a little uniquely and we do things a little differently from the other guys.  We choose to operate at the highest end of the production company spectrum in terms of quality and creativity but to remain extremely affordable, putting profit a distant second to making great films and videos that excite and motivate.

We all know what extreme quality and creativity looks and sounds like – and every client and potential client wants to achieve this, regardless of size of project.  The barrier to doing so is always the same – the cost.  As one of our clients insists on saying at the start of every call on a new project “I know precisely what quality video production is, I know I want it, and I know I can’t afford it!  So do your magic and make it happen, Chris…”

CLAi always strive to make the best possible programs, and so we structured ourselves to do so without compromise – by constructing CLAi to be highly scaleable.  We use personnel logistics management to tailor our core costs, operating on a small scale day to day, and then bringing in other team members only when they are actually needed. This low overhead translates into the ability to take on projects with budgets that can run all the way from around $1,000 for an extremely basic shoot, edit or color grade to more than $250,000 for a complete complex production – all with the same tight quality and financial control, and every production includes the many years of experience of our A team.

Of course, carefully managing our overheads and constantly scaling the active parts of the organization is only part of the equation – the teams that we put together for each individual project are selected from a small group of highly skilled specialists that we have worked with for many years, chosen to make every project an enjoyable and painless experience. To complete the picture, and allow CLAi to be extremely flexible, we own and operate 100% state of the art technology, with a production and post-production studio full of the latest and greatest 4k+ shooting, editing and color grading equipment and software – the right tools to create outstanding films and video programs.

But if we had to pick one quality that sets CLAi apart from the crowd? It’s our commitment.  It’s being prepared to put every project and it’s success ahead of earnings and egos, doing whatever it takes to make it work with a passion for storytelling through images and sound that burns as strongly after decades in the business as it did when an eighteen year old Chris Layhe picked up his first camera back in England…


It’s easy to talk the talk, but at the end of the day it is only what is seen on the screen that tells the story.

These are a few of the film and video projects that CLAi have created or worked on… and there are lots more on our portfolio page.

  • Slantyhouse
    "Stories From 20 Years" A Film By Slantyhouse Productions
  • Video Shoot in Petaluma
    "Picnic" A Shoot And Edit For Erickson Stock YouTube
  • chickenfoot _three_and_a_half_letters_music_video_colorist_editor_DP_cinematographer
    “Three And A Half Letters” A Music Video For Chickenfoot
  • visage _pulse_post_production_corporate_video_director_DP_cinematographer_editor_colorist punches
    “Punches" An Extended Commercial For Visage YouTube
  • "Shriners Hospital For Children, Houston" A Marketing Documentary YouTube
  • bmw_barnstorm_cinematographer_editor_film_production
    "BMW Barnstorm" A Marketing Film For SVConcepts YouTube
  • K2C
    “K2C” For The City Of San Francisco YouTube
  • Journey Productions , Searching for Nepal 2
    "Searching For Nepal" Clip - A Film By Far Journey Productions YouTube

And these are our little show reels: production, color grading and cinematography…

  • Show Reel
    The CLAi Corporate CutUp Reel
  • San Francisco camera reel
    San Francisco Camera Reel
  • chris layhe colorist reel san francisco color correction specialist
    CLAi 4k Color Grading Reel YouTube

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You can contact Chris Layhe and CLAi in several ways, any day of the week:

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Or take a chance on understanding Chris’ Manchester accent and call us on 831-419-7590


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