All Change For Pebble Beach And Monterey


After 17 years of being based in Santa Cruz we have finally pulled up sticks and moved all the way to the other side of the Monterey Bay in 2022…

For such a small distance the chaos has been incredible and the changes dramatic. At it’s best Santa Cruz is a wild, unpredictable, exciting town – especially at Pleasure Point on the East side where we chose to locate our home and our studio. It has a lively arts scene, a great music scene and as many surfers as you can throw rocks at. But it has changed dramatically over our time there, with less and less VW Camper Vans and more and more Range Rovers with surf boards on racks… and probably 8 out of 10 homes by us are now vacation rentals and second homes.

Covid has added to the difference, as it has everywhere, and as businesses struggle to survive they too have changed to cater for this new clientele and leave the character of this amazing place behind. Of course, the flip side of the Covid crisis is that it has changed the way we work completely, and a far greater percentage of my work is now done remotely with occasional one-on-one get togethers, and on larger projects coming from all around the States.

Obviously, this means I’m doing less DPing and Directing, and more editing and color grading on feature films and high end corporate and social network projects.

Given this we decided to move across the Bay to get closer to my wife’s workplace, and change the perspective for this new era by moving home and studio right next to The Lodge in Pebble Beach – a quiet and beautiful spot where the really big second and third homes live, and where the world of film and television come to play in earnest multiple times a year.