Back To Your Future

You commission an amazing illustration of your logo with the new HQ building artfully framed in the background, as a four and a half foot by two and a half foot graphics board. You display it in your lobby, take it to presentations, feature it at trade shows and conventions and even reveal it in the foyer of the art exhibit you are sponsoring. It captures people’s attention and draws admiring comments everywhere it is seen.

Now imagine the same image on an ultra-high definition video monitor at all of these places at once, but the amazing graphic dissolves into fabulous HD footage of your new building; clients using your products; the manufacturing plant at super high speed to show a full day’s progress on a project in just 15 seconds; shots of your green technologies being installed supporting an interview with the new VP of Environmental Impact… shown on that 60 inch display in the gallery foyer, or a huge video screen built from a group of sixteen smaller monitors as the centerpiece of your trade show booth.

At it’s most basic this is “digital signage” technology matched to totally appropriate program production. The limitation of this technology has always been the quality of the video image – because even the best quality 1080p footage quickly becomes un-viewable when the television screen image is scaled up.

But the whole basis of that equation changed radically with the emergence of two technologies – the RED camera system and 4k video monitors that now go up to 152 inch screens and even add 3D to the mix.

Just to be 100% clear, CLAi do not sell monitors or digital signage… but we most certainly do shoot and edit our productions using the RED 4.5k camera and editing technology – creating programs packed with stunning ultra-sharp images that are physically five times larger than the best 1080p footage, and can be shot in 2D or in 3D with a few more bells and whistles. These incredibly high quality images look amazing even on an HD video screen, but on a 4k video monitor they can be five times bigger than 1080p and still look to be the same quality from the same viewing distance.

Of course, just buying or renting a bunch of 4k ultra high definition screens is pretty pointless if all you are going to show on it is stock footage. That’s why bringing in a content production company like CLAi from day one is a really good idea. We work out how to best turn the ideas you want to communicate into a cohesive and dynamic program specifically designed for this medium. Then bring in a signage or staging company to pull the technical pieces together, guaranteeing that you are investing in a spectacular experience that actually does tell your story while stopping an audience in their tracks. The possibilities are almost endless if you are maximizing the raw quality of 4k program production that make all this possible!

Today, a new breed of “interactive video productions” is coming from the use of multiple large video screens, programs with very high creative values, and the experience that only a few companies like CLAi have… of course, add the impact RED 4k video to that mix, along with our expertise with this new technology – well, perhaps that adds yet another dimension?