Cyn Lubow

Producer And Director, Serious Play Films, A Womb Of Their Own

Chris at CLAi took on finish-editing, color grading and sound re-mixing my feature-length indie documentary for a very reasonable indie price. He didn’t do it because he was passionate about my topic, which is pretty off the beaten path; he did it because he’s an amazing, generous, kind guy who likes to help indie filmmakers when he can, between jobs for people and companies who can actually pay him what he’s worth.

He is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and one of the most professional people I’ve worked with in the film industry (or any industry). He communicates frequently, works very hard and long hours, including weekends, and solves every problem that comes his way.

I had absolute faith in his integrity and was amazed that he never went MIA, even though my money ran out after the first of about 10 weeks work, and even when he was sick, on vacation, or having a birthday. He honored our contract and added soooo much more, despite all the unexpected problems my film ended up bringing him to solve. He always answered my questions within hours, changed everything I asked him to, and had the patience and tenacity of a saint.

My film came out beautifully. He took (the technological mess of) my film clips stuck together on FCPX and miraculously made a stable, coherent piece of art out of them. I highly recommend Chris for any editing/production job you have!