Is There a Formula for Being Creative?

We are always being asked by our interns, “is there a formula for being creative?” Usually we just beat them with a stick, but instead, let’s explore. David Ogilvy, advertising guru, outlined a set of sure-fire ways to catch that ever fleeting audience with a title formula. They might look just a little familiar?

“Who Else Wants to Make a Good Impression?”

First Impressions. They’re everything. And it’s hard to recover from a bad first impression. Not only do you have to re-showcase your original skills or personality, you have to go above and beyond to redeem yourself. When presenting goods or a service, what are prospective clients or buyers or readers going to see first? Most likely something along the lines of a slogan, title, website, or video. Whatever it is, that first exposure is crucial. It has to look good, it has to stand out, and it has to represent your product accurately and professionally. But how do you create that initial bang that separates you from the rest? How do you come up with something so truly spectacular that it will never be forgotten? What is formula #1?

“Here is a Method That Is Helping to Create a Good First Impression”

But there are many different means to arrive at a good impression. Sometimes it’s best to go to the professionals. Many companies hire entire creative development teams who use tried and true formulas to come up with strategies and slogans to entice and impress customers.

Or sometimes it’s best to do it yourself and head for the hills. Writers and artists often go on retreats to immerse themselves in solitude or connect with nature in order to get inspired to create a one of a kind piece. But whoever it is and whatever they are trying to create, they all know the importance of that first impression.

“Get Rid of Creative Block Once and For All”

When there is a blank page or an empty canvas that just won’t fill up with that great idea, it can help to have prompts, or paint by numbers, in order to get the creative juices flowing. For instance, if you are writing a blog it is essential that you catch your reader’s eye at first glance with a fancy, catchy title that makes them want to read on.

“What Everyone Ought to Know About Using Formulas for Creativity”

Well, first off it’s a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? If you stick to these formulas all you end up getting is the equivalent of a Mad Libs paragraph. You’ll notice that most commercials follow the same boring and generic templates, pumping out ad after ad with nothing unique. When those rare commercials surface – the ones that break out of the mold – they surprise you, and you remember them. They take the risk and challenge the standard formulas.

“Have a Concept You Can Be Proud Of”

Clients don’t want a cookie cutter solution, because they aren’t the same as the business down the street. They have unique products and services, ideas and visions, that deserve a concept that goes above and beyond a simple formula, #1, #2, or #3.

“Now You Can Break the Rules and Not Get in Trouble!!”

It’s good to know the rules in order that you can break them successfully. Maybe you want to color inside the lines but with RED instead of the light blue it says to use in the directions. Or make a top notch video with a professional creative team who throw that generic formula out the window. If you’re good at what you do, every concept is original and tailored. You don’t need formulas – formulas are for losers. That’s our mantra at CLAi. We can’t even spell phormulaz, let alone Oglivee…