The start-up toy company, ThoughtFull Toys, called asking if we could do a Kickstarter video for them. A well established toy inventor and a toy designer had started a new company and wanted to launch their new line of toy cars on Kickstarter in the hopes of gaining financial backing from crowd funding rather than the small number of traditional investors.

We are always being asked by our interns, “is there a formula for being creative?” Usually we just beat them with a stick, but instead, let’s explore. David Ogilvy, advertising guru, outlined a set of sure-fire ways to catch that ever fleeting audience with a title formula.

Now that the Internet has taken over the bulk of advertising and communicating, it’s time for everyone to explore the new opportunities that it provides; and what better way than to utilize the evolving world of social media?

Digital campaigning is a relatively new media collective that has shown remarkable success over the last several years. The two aims of digital advertising are to increase brand awareness and generate revenues for your business. In order to obtain both aims, there are three aspects of digital advertising that must be addressed: social media outreach, display advertising, and e-mail marketing.

Businesses can use podcasts to show customers newly formulated ideas and innovations or interviews with clients and the like. But in the age of television, what good is audio without video? Inc. Magazine explains that there are 4 “basic ingredients” that go into creating a video podcast: equipment, a theme, hosting, and marketing.