A Womb Of Their Own - Clip - a film by Cyn Lubow

A Womb Of Their Own is a documentary feature film from Serious Play Films, produced and directed by Cyn Lubow.

This documentary is about people who experience their gender as different than simply male or female. They are masculine-identified people who give birth to babies. They are a diverse and complex group of people who are charismatic, funny, thoughtful, and fascinating to watch. They teach the world about non-binary gender just through who they are and how they became themselves.

Cyn asked Chris Layhe and CLAi to get involved with the film on several levels, from advice to hands on post-production. So we handled the editing, color correction and color grading, final audio mix and video mastering.

To find out more about this project and the people who made it happen go to documentaries.org/womboftheirown or their Facebook page.  

To find out more about Chris Layhe’s Post-Production Film and Video Services as an award winning Independent Editor and Colorist Society International color grading specialist go to