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BMW Barnstorm - A Marketing Film For SVConcepts

''Chris Layhe, Alexandra and the CLAi team shot a promotional video for my company and it turned out FANTASTIC!

I have little artistic ability and they made sure everything went off without a hitch, looked beautiful, the concept executed to perfection and it all ended up looking great. I’d recommend them to anyone with high quality video needs.”

Michael Lomas, President Silicon Valley Concepts

Michael generously says it all – a bunch of BMW M class cars, some great drivers, a terrific location, car choreography by Alexandra and Ralph Conway, day action mixed with night time scenics, all in a huge aircraft hanger where they build Blackhawk helicopters, lots of takes, masses of footage from four cameras, hell to try and direct, significant lighting challenges, oodles of exhilaration and an awful lot of editing, color grading and soundtrack work… and worth every second of it for the fun we had!

Chris Layhe was the Director and DP on the project, Alexandra and Ralph Conway provided choreography and auto wrangling, and CLAi provided equipment and camera crews, as well as editing, color correction and color grading, and sound design.

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