“Love And Other Devices” Clip - a film by Elle Stanion

Love And Other Devices is the first film produced and directed by Elle Stanion, and is a surprising and mature piece by a young talent.

Love And Other Devices” It is a narrative film about Artificial Intelligence that comes at the subject from a whole new direction in a whole new way, and is funny, engaging and extremely well made. Elle asked Chris Layhe and CLAi to provide guidance on the post-production workflow for RED 4k footage at a time when that was just growing up, and we also color graded and color corrected the film, as well as looking after the green screen keying.

To date tis film has been shown at around 14 film festivals around the world (and we do mean around the world, from LA and Philadelphia to London, and Athens to Canberra. It has won a bunch of Best Film Awards for Elle, and will continue to do so… definitely one to try and watch.

To find out more about this project and the people who made it happen go to gallaghergirl1.wix/ellestanionfilms or facebook.com/ellestanionstudios

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