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Punches - an extended commercial for Visage

Punches is a video production created by CLAi for Visage to launch their new service - Visage Pulse - as a corporate marketing video primarily targeted through social media.

Like all of our pieces for Visage, “Punches” uses humor and a degree of quirkiness to make it’s points – this time with the addition of small animated iconography. We really enjoy working with the Visage creative team, Neil Cohen, Justin Keller and Anadelia Fadeev, because they really understand fast view high impact marketing, and come up with some terrific strategic concepts for us to turn into videos.  Better still they are always fun, quirky projects to work on for everybody involved, especially Sarah Klaren, our actress in this video!

Chris Layhe was producer, director and DP on the project for CLAi, which was edited, color corrected and color graded by Chris Layhe and Alexandra Conway. Shot in 6k on the RED Epic Dragon for 4k UHD delivery by the production CLAi team.

Music credit to “Rogue” by Adventuretime, remixed by Chris Layhe

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