The New Generation Queens - Clip - A Film By Megan Shutzer

This clip is from the feature documentary film The New Generation Queens, about women's soccer in Zanzibar, produced and directed by Megan Shutzer.

It is the story of a group of women coming together to play soccer in Zanzibar in the face of social, religious and sexual discrimination. For the New Generation Queens, playing soccer is not just a casual sport. Islam itself does not forbid women from playing soccer, many Zanzibaris interpret women’s soccer as immoral on religious grounds.

For this reason, the New Generation Queens face opposition from their families and communities. Yet the Queens defy the odds to participate. It is one of the few places where they can truly embrace their strength as women. They want to prove to the rest of the island that they can be women, athletes and Muslims.

Chris Layhe and CLAi were asked to handle some of the editing, the color correction and grading, the final audio mixing and the mastering of this film. To date it has been shown across much of the USA and in Europe and Africa, with presentations by Megan, and has been featured in more than ten international film festivals, and won Best Film, Best Documentary and Best Social Impact Awards.

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