CLAi the film and video production company in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Specializing in videography, video editing and color correction for corporate videos and documentary films

Our Services

Imagine what you'd get if a video production business, a documentary film company and a strategic creative agency had a puppy... in essence, that is CLAi - Woof!

It really is as simple as that. My first experience of the “real” business world of production after college was with the BBC Chapel as a documentary film director.  Second was with Saatchi & Saatchi producing and directing long form advertising work.  And my third experience was in starting CLAi as a full service film and video production company in the UK, working with a complete range of broadcast, agency and corporate clients.

The company we built, and the attitudes and beliefs that we hold, are all evolved from what I learnt and put into practice from those experiences. It’s what makes the way we work and the services we provide somewhat unusual.  Because not only are we great storytellers through moving media, we believe that the style, creativity and quality of that work are critical in telling those stories effectively to audiences.  Because film and video is made to motivate viewers to action, and how that action is achieved is the difference between a program working or failing.  And, of course, having the ability to design, capture and produce that piece is critical – and do so on a realistic budget and timeframe.

Documentary storytelling, agency design and top production execution coming together – it’s a beautiful thing…

This is the basis of the services that CLAi provide.  We split these into two groups that constantly cross over – The Film & Video Production Company and The Creative & Strategic Agency.