Cisco Smart City Networks

Cisco Smart City Networks: Creating Scalable, State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi Experience is a Cisco Script to Screen corporate production filmed at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

It’s a program about how Smart City Networks creates dynamic broadband solutions to support the myriad devices that the convention center industry encounters daily.

CLAi were asked by Cisco to handle the filming side of the production equation and capture all of the interviews and footage within two days on location. Director of Photography on the project was Chris Layhe, and the Producer for Cisco Script to Screen Productions was Craig Taylor, with Cisco Producer Bob Stockwell heading up the project.  The project was shot on a Sony F500 with RED Pro prime lenses and recorded to a PIX monitoring recorder in 1080P. All post-production and graphics work was done by Cisco Script to Screen.

To find out more about this project and the people who made it happen go to Cisco Smart City Networks website 

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