Over the years I’ve periodically dipped my toe into the waters of discussing the “business” of filmmaking; a topic I am, so far at least, fairly lousy at (at least from the perspective of profit).

The start-up toy company, ThoughtFull Toys, called asking if we could do a Kickstarter video for them. A well established toy inventor and a toy designer had started a new company and wanted to launch their new line of toy cars on Kickstarter in the hopes of gaining financial backing from crowd funding rather than the small number of traditional investors.

We had a call to shoot a time lapse program for an agency and their solar system client in San Francisco just the other day.

The Food Network hit Restaurant: Impossible was filming an episode in Santa Cruz, California to bring it’s own brand of renovation to Hoffman’s, a local restaurant and patisserie located in the heart of downtown. Three staff members here at CLAi were asked to join the production team during the three-day production.

The most meaningful bi-product of last week’s shoot is the more clearly articulated knowledge that our RED Alliance can work quickly and capably with very short notice.